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There was a blinding light in the night sky above Empty Nest Farm. It was as if we had a second garden fire. I looked up to see the full moon shining proudly and majestically over our house and backyard.

It was 5 a.m. on October 9 and I had gone to the mailbox to pick up our Sunday morning papers. I had to stop and stare at the scene before me: the beautiful full moon, our house lit up in the dark, and the tree that Ginnie and I had taken our wedding vows to seven years ago.

The next day, Monday, October 10, would be our lucky seven-year wedding anniversary. Seven years ago, Ginnie had walked out of this house to see the pianist play and the wedding party sing “Going to the Chapel” by the Dixie Cups. I think Ginnie and I felt our lives were going to change for the better. And our lives have. During those seven years, I wrote three books and expanded my Empty Nest newspaper column to fifty newspapers in three states. I’m always the happiest when I write. And Ginnie, my editor, as her 95-year-old father recently noted, “Radiates with happiness.”

Little did I know that not only was the moon full this Sunday morning, October 9, but it would also be full the next day, Monday, October 10, our wedding anniversary. The moon being full two days in a row at the same time is a rare event. This moon is called Full Double Blood Moon, or Hunter’s Moon, and also Harvest Moon. I interpreted all this as a good omen for our seven years of marriage. The name, “Blood Moon”, indicates its color, reddish, as it rises. Higher in the night sky, it is more golden.

How did we experience our seventh anniversary? Well, Ginnie went to work (she still works part-time and had forgotten to take a day off), guided by the full moon to Ottumwa, where she is a lab technician at Ottumwa Regional Hospital. The moon put a smile on her face and a warmth in her heart, she told me via text message.

I mowed. The weather forecast called for rain the next day, so I wanted to avoid the last mowing of the year, hopefully. I wanted to start mowing so badly that I completely missed the cute birthday card Ginnie had left for me on the kitchen island.

While I was mowing, an old friend from college, Shane, called me. I hadn’t seen or heard of Shane since college. It was great talking to him and we made plans to get together. I turned off the mower, sat in the shade of a maple tree, stared at the crystal blue sky, and thought about my luck. Beautiful life, beautiful woman, blue sky and good friends. What more could I want?

Monday night, being Monday night, there wasn’t much going on so Ginnie and I hadn’t planned to go out painting the town. Monday Night Football was on (grunt, I know) and it was the Raiders versus the Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City. Ginnie graduated from high school in KC, so she’s followed the Chiefs all her life. I’ve always been a Chief fan. We watched the game together and got hoarse.

The game was amazing. Everyone, myself included, thought the Chiefs 4-1 would mop up the Raiders 1-4. No. It was a nail-biter, with the Chiefs barely edging out the Raiders, 30-29. A few missed goals here and there made all the difference. From performances to appointments, there are no sure things in sport, life or marriage.

The Full Double Blood Moon seemed to bless our seven years of marriage and assure us of good things to come, as long as we take it a day on time, trust God and don’t yell at each other unless the tepee is lit. Fire.


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