67% of UK employees consider social relations at work to be important

The importance of work friends for office, hybrid and remote workers in the UK

Having friendships at work is less important for remote employees than for hybrid and on-site workers

Capterra UK surveyed over 1000 professionals in the UK to find out what factors influence job satisfaction for on-site, hybrid and remote workers.

LONDON, UK, Oct. 3, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — UK, Oct. 3, 2022 — Research from Capterra UK reveals that for the majority of UK employees, having a working relationship is one of the key factors to keep their current job. However, while 71% of onsite workers and 67% of hybrid workers say it’s somewhat or extremely important to have friends at work, only 46% of remote workers say the same. Meanwhile, up to 36% of workers have distant colleagues on their team that they have never met.

According to the survey, more than half (54%) of workers say that work-life balance is the top factor influencing job satisfaction both onsite and in the hybrid or remote work environment, while that 40% place the most importance on job security. Compensation, relationships with co-workers, and doing something they enjoy are additional elements that influence job satisfaction.

The order of preference of these factors influencing job satisfaction varies among different types of workers. For example, remote employees place more importance on compensation (31%) than relationships with colleagues (23%), while for onsite and hybrid employees, the order of importance is reversed.

The survey also showed that turnover can influence employees’ investment in working relationships, with more than half (51%) of employees saying that high turnover made them less likely to move from time cultivating connections with colleagues, although remote workers are less influenced by this; Unlike 9% of on-site employees and 7% of hybrid employees, 22% of remote workers in organizations with higher employee turnover strongly disagree that it has affected their engagement in professional relationships.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in January 2020, 47% of employees say their company hasn’t hosted any virtual social events and 43% say their company hasn’t hosted any in-person events. Only 42% of respondents attended at least one in-person volunteer social event organized by their employer, such as a happy hour or an office party, although two-thirds of respondents (66%) indicated that they were quite or extremely likely to participate. in voluntary social activities in person or online organized by their companies.

Eduardo Garcia Rodriguez, content analyst at Capterra UK, says:

“Today’s employees prioritize work-life balance and professional balance. Yet HR teams must recognize the importance of nurturing relationships with colleagues and acknowledging the differences between on-site, hybrid and remote workers who may seem a little more disengaged when it comes to investing in working relationships or being affected by, for example, staff turnover.

However, note that one-third of respondents work with teammates they have never met in person, and two-thirds of respondents said they were somewhat or extremely likely to participate in social activities organized by their companies. . This shows that HR teams need to find ways to create social connections that can be tailored to all three types of employees.”

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Survey methodology:

To collect this data, Capterra surveyed 1,015 professionals in June 2022. Respondents had to meet the following criteria:

British resident
Between 18 and 65 years old
Full-time or part-time employee in a company with more than 6 employees
Work onsite (in an office, store, or other central location), hybrid, or remotely in their current business

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