6 remote jobs that pay at least $40 an hour

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Landing a remote job that pays at least $40 an hour, or about $83,000 a year, isn’t impossible. After all, the average hourly wage in the United States as of August 2022 is $32.36, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and the average hourly wage for remote workers is $30 per hour, according to ZipRecruiter.

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However, to earn at least $40 an hour doing a remote job, you’ll likely need a combination of relevant skills and proven experience — and possibly a degree or professional certification. To help get you on the right track, here are six remote jobs that pay at least $40 an hour.

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iOS tester

This job is technical in nature and experience probably means everything. If you have at least a year of experience in Swift, iOS development, and Objective-C, you could be paid $60 to $65 an hour to be an iOS tester.

This job involves troubleshooting software, evaluating mobile devices, and running live applications. Candidates should have experience testing mobile products on web, iOS, and Android apps.

Recruiter/Talent Acquisition Specialist

Recruiting experience is required to land this remote position, which pays $45 to $60 per hour according to SimplyHired.

Duties of the position include overseeing recruitment projects in the areas of administration, prospect research and interviewing candidates for various clients. It is also necessary to support the hiring and integration of selected candidates. Additionally, excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to keep client data confidential are paramount.

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School speech therapist

This opportunity is for professionals with a master’s degree and domain-specific certification. Instead of driving to a school every day, these professionals can land 100% remote positions with school districts that offer a starting hourly wage of $47 per hour. Four and eight hour shifts are available. Experience in teletherapy and at least two years of work in a school setting are required.

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Data Specialist

This position requires both technical and managerial skills. Remote jobs are available at a pay rate of at least $40 per hour for individuals who have several years of SQL query development experience and business analysis experience to capture metrics and key performance indicators, identify business trends and create forecasting models.

At least one year of experience with business intelligence visualization tools, such as Microsoft Power BI and advanced experience with Microsoft applications is also preferred. The ability to effectively collaborate with IT, purchasing with sales teams and successfully lead a cross-functional internal team through the change management process is required.

financial aid advisor

Experience as a financial aid counselor or financial planner will help you land this $75-per-hour position. You will work with a small caseload of junior and senior high school students and their parents via Zoom meetings to walk them through the ins and outs of the financial aid process and offer advice on student loan.

You will also help clients navigate financial aid forms, analyze award letters, and understand aid award appeals. Additionally, you will lead educational webinars for larger groups of students and parents on various topics related to financial aid. Although the position is part-time — five to 15 hours a week — it pays almost double what a $40-an-hour job would pay.

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The beauty of this position is that you can keep your full-time job and do this one on the side.

Back-end web developer

As a backend web developer, you can learn at least $40 per hour or up to $150 per hour if you are considered a top developer. The median pay range is between $60 and $80.

Not only will you need to have skills in web design templates and frameworks, but you will also need to have expertise in programming languages ​​including Java, Node DS, Perl, PHP, Python, and Ruby. Extensive experience in optimizing service logic is also required.

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