You are currently viewing 6 part-time remote companies that are hiring now

6 part-time remote companies that are hiring now

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Working outside the home may not be practical for everyone who needs extra income. A remote job, especially a flexible job with hours, can be a great source of money.

Fortunately, more and more employers are offering part-time remote job opportunities. Here are six companies that are hiring right now.

6 part-time remote job opportunities

The following jobs are 100% remote, meaning they all require working online.

1. Think CERCA

ThinkCERCA is an educational website for school-aged children. They are currently hiring energetic and imaginative people to write interdisciplinary courses in science, math, and literacy. There are also open positions for online instructors. These roles may be suitable for people with high-speed internet access and experience teaching math and science. Writers can apply on the ThinkCERCA website.

Bonus offer: Earn up to $1,500 by opening a Citi Priority Account with required activities.

Pay Rate: Not Listed

2. Legal evidence

LegalProofs needs transcribers who can listen to an audio file and type the text into a specific format. They accept all levels of education and backgrounds, and legal knowledge is not required to become a general LegalProofs transcriptionist. Requirements include excellent American English grammar, good attention to detail, and the ability to use models and follow directions. Interested persons can submit an application on the LegalProofs website.

Pay rate: $9 to $29 per hour

3. Equity

Equivity is looking for part-time executive assistants experienced in a wide range of administrative tasks, from coordinating projects to preparing expense reports. Executive assistants will support C-level executives. Candidates can apply directly on the Equiivity website.

Pay rate: $18 per hour

Good to know

Signing up to a site like to receive remote job postings by email can help remote job seekers continue their search. Alternatively, job seekers can get a paid subscription to FlexJobs to find an approved part-time remote position.

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4. ModSquad

ModSquad recruits customer support positions for several different clients in various industries, from gaming to financial services. According to its website, working as a “Mod,” as they call customer support staff, is suitable for students, retirees, stay-at-home parents, and moonlighting workers. Mods chat with customers, manage communities and moderate web content for many of the “world’s coolest brands” – PBS Kids and the NFL are two notable examples. Apply to become a mod on the ModSquad website.

Pay Rate: Not Listed

5. University Tutors

Varsity Tutors is looking for online tutors for a variety of subjects. They need previous teaching, mentoring or qualifying experience, so this would be an ideal remote, part-time gig for teachers or former teachers. Tutors are paired with students in their areas of expertise. They can work as much or as little as they want. Tutors can apply on the Varsity Tutors site.

Pay rate: $15 per hour

6. 6 years old

6ya is an app that provides expert help on virtually any topic in seconds. They are looking for technical support experts to help customers over the phone who are experiencing technical issues. They hire experts of all types, from home appliance and auto repair experts to veterinarians. Apply to become an Expert on the 6ya site.

Bonus offer: Bank of America $100 bonus offer for new online checking accounts. See the page for more details.

Pay rate: $15 to $18 per hour

Take away

This is just a sampling of the part-time remote jobs currently available. It may take some time for job seekers to find something suitable for them, both part-time and remote, but there are now more remote job opportunities than ever. Most remote work will require a computer, often with minimal hardware requirements, and reliable internet service.


Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about part-time remote work.
  • What is a good job for working remotely?
    • Any job that can be done online from a computer is good remote work. The list has grown quite long on the types of jobs that fit the bill, including:
      • – Data entry
      • – Transcription
      • – Technical support
      • – Customer service
      • – Creation of websites
      • — Social media management
  • What professions allow you to travel and work remotely?
    • Any of the jobs mentioned above could allow working remotely while traveling. Most remote jobs are not dependent on an employee’s location as long as there are no requirements for in-person interaction with customers or other workers. However, remote workers who travel should ensure that they have a reliable computer and internet access if these are needed to complete their tasks.
  • Is it OK to work two jobs remotely?
    • There’s nothing wrong with working two or more remote jobs as long as they don’t interfere with each other and all job requirements are met.
    • One should not work several jobs for exactly the same hours. In other words, someone with two 20-hour jobs per week should technically be working 40 hours per week.

Information is accurate as of May 6, 2022. Some positions listed may no longer be available.

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