5 things to know in Australia today

Hello, hello and a big shout out to those of you who are in “goblin mode”. Let’s dive right into your tech press briefing.

1. OAIC to Probe Medlab on February Data Breach

In February 2022, Medlab Pathology (owned by Australian Clinical Labs) experienced a cyber incident involving personal information about its patients and staff. He was notified of the breach by the Australian Cyber ​​Security Center in June. He started investigations but months later, on October 27, he actually decided to tell people what kind of information they had taken from the breach. This has raised alarm bells with Australia’s Privacy Commissioner and yesterday the Australian Information Commissioner’s Office launched an investigation into Medlab’s personal information handling practices.

2. Google One VPN is coming to the Pixel 7

Despite all the great things the Pixel 7 does, it was still missing some of its most advertised features at launch – until today. Google is rolling out the latest Pixel Drop, which includes some of the Pixel 7’s most popular features, such as Clear Calling, Speaker Labels for the Recorder app, and free VPN through Google One. The feature drop only affects the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro. Once updated, you can use Google One’s VPN without a subscription to the service, provided you’re using a Pixel 7, of course.

3. Facebook will use AI confirming age before your date

Meta has announced that it is updating its Facebook dating service to “detect” if a user is lying about being under 18. After that, Facebook said it will prompt them to verify their age, in which case they can either upload some form of identification, like a driver’s license, which the company says will be encrypted and not visible on the profile. audience. The other option is for users to upload a video selfie, which the company then sends to a third party that uses AI technology to verify age based on users’ facial features.

4. Don’t threaten us with having a good time

Also on Facebook and after New Zealand signaled its intention to impose a law similar to Australia’s Media Negotiation Code, reports emerged that Meta had said it could remove information from Facebook and Instagram if the US Congress was passing a bill that would allow small news outlets to negotiate compensation from tech companies. The Journalism Competition and Preservation Act 2022 creates a four-year safe harbor from antitrust laws for print, broadcast or digital media companies to bargain collectively with online content distributors (for example, social media companies) regarding the terms on which news companies content may be distributed by online content distributors.

5. Australian crypto exchange to cut 90 jobs

The Guardian reports this morning that Brisbane-based cryptocurrency exchange Swyftx has cut 90 jobs following the collapse of global exchange FTX and a slump in global trade. According to the report, the cut represents around 35% of the company, which currently employs 235 people. Although Swyftx has 630,000 customers in Australia and its CEO and co-founder has said his company is “particularly well placed” to weather something like the collapse of FTX, the cuts will continue as it is not “not immune to crypto fallout”. markets”.

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