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5 Simple Weekend Side Activities That Can Make You Thousands

  • When I moved to New York at 23, my full-time job barely covered my expenses. So I agreed to work weekends.
  • I’ve made money doing events, touring, and babysitting, and I still think those are good side gigs.
  • You can make money selling other people’s stuff – just do the hard work and take a cut of the profits.

When I moved to New York at age 23, I took an entry-level job that barely covered my expenses. In order to avoid credit card debt, I started busying myself with different activities so that I could bring enough money to pay my bills and try to save for the future.

I realized that I could not only capitalize on my skills (such as writing, public speaking, and marketing) to take on side work as a freelancer, consultant, and workshop teacher, but that I I could use my free time on weekends to earn money, too.

I decided to start a business in the wedding industry as a bridesmaid for hire so it wouldn’t interfere with my full-time job during the week and earn me extra income. I’ve also created profiles on babysitting sites like and helped friends sell their clothes and furniture when they moved using platforms like the Letgo app, and I I took a fee from the sales made.

After changing the way I spent my weekends, spending time relaxing and socializing looking for ways to earn money, I was able to earn a few thousand extra dollars each month through various side hustles .

It came in handy when I was laid off from my full-time job in 2015. When I lost that steady paycheck, I decided to expand my wedding business and look into some of the hustles of the wedding business. other side to bring in more money than I was doing from just full time work.

If you’re looking to make some extra cash on the weekends, here are five tips you can try that might help you make more money each month.

1. Work events

If you are looking for a steady job, take a job in the events industry, as weekends are when many people have parties, celebrations, and weddings.

First, identify the skills you have that could be useful in the event industry. Use websites like Gigsalad or Thumbtack to browse common vendors people hire for parties and see what passions you have that might be listed for hire on those types of websites.

For example, if you are someone who has a passion or hobby, turn it into a service offered (floral design, DJ, photographer, etc.) or join an existing business that offers these services as a weekend helper.

If you have experience in catering (waiter or hostess), you can also land a job with a caterer as a server-caterer. These jobs are usually paid by the hour and are a great way to get out of the house on the weekends and work as a food server at a big party. You can find a list of local opportunities on websites like Indeed or Simplyhired.

2. Offer local tours

In college, I took a weekend job as a campus tour guide. Each tour took about three hours and I started the week with a few hundred dollars in my pocket thanks to this gig.

If you’re an outgoing person, enjoy working with groups of people, and can retain information easily, you can find a weekend job as a local tour guide. Cities that are popular tourist destinations offer a variety of tours focusing on landmarks, food, famous TV shows, and more. You can browse local event websites, like Trip Advisor, to see what tours are offered and contact those companies to see if they hire tour assistants so you can get started.

You might also consider creating profiles on websites that offer tourists tours led by locals, such as Tours By Locals or With Locals.

If you notice a specific type of tour that you think would attract customers on a weekend, consider starting it yourself. You can advertise your visit on websites tourists visit to find local things to do, like Airbnb Experiences or Yelp.

As a tour guide, your weekend salary can be determined by a variety of factors, including the number of people on your tour, whether you’re paid an hourly wage, and how much money you make in tips. If you run your own travel agency and charge $50 per visit, you would need to book 20 seats on Saturday and 20 on Sunday to make a potential profit of $2,000.

3. Help with Random Tasks

In my early twenties, when I wanted to earn extra money on the weekends but didn’t want to commit to a regular job, I got into task-based websites where people could m commit to one-off projects.

If you use websites like TaskRabbit or Thumbtack, you can offer your time, resources, or skills to people who need it for various projects, events, or needs they have that day.

In a weekend, you can help someone move house, build their furniture, paint their apartment, or even take on tasks as a virtual assistant.

The amount of money you can earn from this side business varies depending on how much you charge and how many hours you work on weekends. However, you can set your rate for different tasks you are willing to perform or just set a general hourly rate.

4. Become a babysitter

When I first moved to New York and needed to supplement my income, I took weekend babysitting jobs. I created a profile on a local babysitting website, posted flyers in my building, and shared the word with my friends. It helped me earn an extra $1,000 per month.

But in addition to babysitting, you can also get paid to house-sit or babysit people’s pets when they’re out of town. You can create a profile on Rover or House Sitter and set your rate. If you’re willing to let that side hustle continue through the week (especially if you work from home and can keep pets or stay home while working full time), you can really up the amount of money you get out of it. jobs.

Just like with other service-based secondary hustle, you can set your rate and where you’re willing to go for potential opportunities.

5. Sell people’s things

Most people can look around their living spaces and find a collection of items they are willing to part with. But rather than tossing old electronics in the trash or leaving unused furniture in the garage to collect dust, you can create a side hustle by selling your own or other people’s unwanted items.

A few times a year I gather a pile of items around my house and put them up for sale on sites like Facebook Marketplace or Offerup and take clothes, accessories and shoes to local thrift stores. In the past, I was able to make a few thousand dollars with things around my house doing very little work.

The first thing I always do is take inventory of what I want to sell by listing the item’s proper name, writing a detailed description, and pricing it based on retail value and condition. Then I take pictures of the item from different angles using my phone.

I then list each item on several different platforms (e.g. Tradesy, Poshmark, Letgo, etc.) to introduce the products to more people. Some items sell out in a day or two and some take months, it just depends on the supply and demand of what you are selling.

To be able to really take advantage of this side hustle, offer to do it for other people so you have access to more items than you can list. Figure out how much profit you’ll make from each sale, and even consider choosing a specialty (like selling only electronics or furniture) so you can carve out a niche in the resale industry.

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