3 trending tech careers in 2023

Despite fears of an impending recession, global economic pressures and concerns over recent layoffs at many tech companies in the spring and summer, the employment situation in Europe remains generally good.

This is especially the case in technology, where many areas of the IT industry are (so far) quite resilient to the recession, especially in sectors such as AI, cybersecurity and cloud services.

In fact, the tech scene is currently experiencing levels of growth that we haven’t seen since the early days of the dotcom bubble. from Gartner.

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It’s also a good time for people changing jobs, as a recent global survey of tech workers found that those who change jobs can also increase their salary by up to 12%. So whether you’re already working in the cybersecurity industry or you’re a professional looking to break into UX, focusing on the areas below will help you stay ahead of the game next year.

cyber security

As more and more of our financial life shifts from physical to virtual, the need for cybersecurity is greater than ever. A study by the European Central Bank shows that 74% of internet users have purchased something online in the past three months — and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

From online banking to shopping to the continued rise of cryptocurrency, the demand for IT specialists with knowledge of cybersecurity is increasing. This is because security is the number one issue for businesses around the world, with the demand for experts in this industry expected to grow rapidly.

For those looking to get into cybersecurity, upgrading skills in areas such as data encryption, risk mitigation and firewalls is essential, while a familiarity with software security will will be one step ahead of others.

In terms of opportunities, there are dozens of cybersecurity positions currently available on The House of Talent’s job board, ranging from fully remote jobs, such as this position as a cybersecurity analyst at Bankers Healthcare Group, in the also remote position of cybersecurity architect at American Express. . Both of these roles require an understanding of current information security threats, including DDoS attacks, botnets, and advanced malware.

UI/UX design

UX designers are used to asking themselves questions like “What makes a website go from good to great”. The level of user experience or user interface, especially in a post-Covid world where more and more people are used to performing daily tasks virtually, has increased. Now users automatically expect the digital services they use to be as good as the services they receive in person.

A recent global study by Gartner shows that 65% of customers believe the companies they do business with online need to improve their virtual customer service, while 75% of customers expect to receive a personalized experience.

As such, the demand for UI and UX designers is growing exponentially as businesses struggle to keep up. For those working elsewhere in design who want to take advantage of the demand, skills to deepen include information architecture, wireframing, virtual design, and user research and testing. Familiarity with libraries such as Angular Material and DevXtreme is essential.

There are currently over 100 UX roles open on The House of Talent’s bulletin board, ranging from a fully remote consumer design director role with PayPal to a more entry-level yet remote frontend software engineer role with Objektkultur Software.


Referring to all the platforms that allow companies to better market their products, martech covers everything from SEO research to automation and email marketing. And the opportunity in this space is huge.

Skills to focus on include e-commerce principles and major platforms such as Shopify and HubSpot, as well as social media marketing and optimization best practices. Familiarizing yourself with and gaining a working knowledge of areas such as copywriting, display advertising, and email marketing will also give those looking to get into the industry a head start.

Currently, there are dozens of jobs in the martech space on The House of Talent’s job board, including an e-commerce product manager role at Apple and an e-marketing automation consultant role. -email at LevelUp Group. Both of these roles require candidates who can recognize digital trends before they capture mainstream attention, as well as a genuine interest in consumer behavior.

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