3 Business Graduate Programs in USA, 3 Paths to Business Innovation

A master’s degree can take a career to greater heights. An MBA or MS is more than just a quest for knowledge and technical know-how in a business school, where students broaden their expertise and develop their business niche. It is a transformative experience, where graduates emerge ready to advance their careers with renewed passion and make a difference.

These career-ready MBA and MS graduates are bound to be more sought after in today’s fast-paced and demanding business world – especially if they have honed their craft in a specific aspect of running a business. company.

If you’re looking for a place to start, consider starting your postgraduate journey in the United States. Here, you’ll enjoy opportunities to network with peers from diverse industry backgrounds, experience, the chance to start your entrepreneurial journey, and more. Start by pursuing your MBA or MS at one of these three US universities:

University of Louisville

University of Louisville

Students at the University of Louisville College of Business prepare for rewarding careers through excellent postgraduate business programs and gain valuable work experience through a paid internship opportunity. Source: University of Louisville

The University of Louisville College of Commerce is a AACSB Accredited Institution which offers STEM-designated business programs with meaningful real-world experiences. Located in Louisville, Kentucky, the U of L College of Business is a top 100 business school and an R-1 Carnegie-ranked university (one of 146 in the United States with this distinction); Studying here means gaining a quality education with a relatively low cost of attendance compared to other US universities of its caliber.

What sets the college programs apart is that they offer a competitive paid internship opportunity. The students who Successfully interviewing for a position with College Business Partners – they can choose from hundreds – earn an average of $25,000 over an 11-month experience, or about $17-28 per hour.

Students can do paid internships during the day while taking classes in the evening. Not only does it provide invaluable experiential learning, but it also serves as a pathway to full-time employment in the United States. Internships generally last between 11 and 13 months with a competitive salary of 17 USD to 28 USD per hour. This flexible schedule allows students to balance their time between work and study.

Such real-world experience brings programs such as the full-time MBA, an accelerated 13-month program suitable for graduates with little or no work experience. The Nationally Ranked Innovation MBA (IMBA) offers unparalleled opportunities to learn best practices from experts, including award-winning faculty, serial entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and regional and national business leaders.

The STEM Master of Science in Business Analytics combines information systems technologies, data modeling and analytics, with strong business acumen and impactful communications. The STEM Master of Science in Cost Accounting helps students meet the data-dependent demands of the modern accounting career. To learn more about the U of L College of Business, click here.

University of Minnesota

University of Minnesota

The Global Medical Industry MBA trains professionals who will occupy leadership positions in functional areas of the medical industry. Source: University of Minnesota

The newest addition to the lineup of MBAs offered at the University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management is the Global Medical Industry MBA. Launching in fall 2021, the program will be exclusively online, facilitated by high-quality educational tools and support, making it accessible and flexible to students around the world.

The program of this new MBA will be the same as the existing one MBA of Medical Industrya collaboration with Tongji University School of Economics and Management, which took place in Shanghai, China, before successfully moving online in 2020.

The Global Medical Industry MBA develops professionals who will be equipped for leadership positions in functional areas of the medical industry. From finance to marketing and information technology, Carlson students will gain the know-how to solve these emerging health challenges through experiential learning opportunities. With a world at war with COVID-19, these highly relevant medical MBAs are meant to inspire and empower individuals to create a better future.

The University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management has been a leader in the field of business education since its inception in 1919. With a long history of academic excellence, Carlson’s business programs attract applicants from around the world, all of whom come to the Land of 10,000 Lakes for a comprehensive and immersive learning experience.

One of the many ways students gain hands-on experience is through the Medical Industry Leadership Institute Evaluation laboratory. In this incubator, industry innovators collaborate with Carlson graduate students and expert faculty in a top-down analysis of their medical technology and its market prospects.

University of Michigan

University of Michigan

The university’s Supply Chain Management (SCM) department is renowned for offering the best undergraduate and graduate offerings in the country. Source: Michigan State University

If you want to learn from global industry leaders to understand the fast-paced, multicultural business world, then University of Michiganit is Eli Broad College of Commerce is for you. The university offers the nation’s top-ranked undergraduate and graduate programs in this dynamic field: an MBA, which you can study on a full time Where part time basis, a MS in Accounting and MS in Business Data Science and Analytics.

Here, students learn from the best. The Full-Time MBA consists of a flexible program structure divided into three components: MBA Core Curriculum, MBA Concentration and MBA Electives which combines a well-rounded, theory-based curriculum with soft skills essential for effective leadership.

For working professionals, the Broad College Executive MBA offers a rigorous, integrated curriculum across all business disciplines, coupled with a flexible schedule to allow you to learn at your own pace.

The MS in Accounting and MS in Business Data Science and Analytics offers a hands-on learning experience to learn from the best minds in the field. These degrees allow you to fast-track your career in one year because they give you the opportunity to broaden, refine and improve your knowledge. Respected Broad College alumni, established as industry leaders, often speak to classes about emerging trends and how to apply best practices in respective fields.

The best part? The Broad College MBA and Masters program has an excellent reputation for quality and return on investment. Students in these programs become strategic problem solvers prepared for the next era of business and careers in accounting, business strategy, tools and data management, and experiential project consulting.

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