20 ways to increase your income: don’t wait to earn more | by Destiny S. Harris | December 2022

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The longer you take to increase your income, the more money you will run out of in your lifetime.

Many people will be hesitant to ask for a raise, start a business, get a part-time job, or look for a better-paying job because they’re waiting for a golden moment that never comes.

I increase my income every year. Not out of greed, but because I want to be able to give more, do more, and break financial barriers.

If your income has remained relatively the same over the past few years, it means that you are not progressing professionally and financially, which means that you are stagnating.

To earn more, you must be more.

To do more, you must earn more.

To give more, you have to earn more.

The goal of earning more should never be to consume more, which leads to emptiness and temporary increases in income.

Focus on serving others more and you will notice a big change in your income.

The number 1 reason why we maintain the same income

Fear is the main reason why people accept the same salary year after year. They fear rejection, failure, and often success.

A person can reduce his expenses to zero, but increasing his potential income has no limit.

Barriers were meant to be broken, and you’re meant to break down barriers.

If you don’t know how to increase your income, there are twenty different ways listed below that can help you spark more ideas for you to move your income to higher levels.

There’s no better time to boost your income than now.

  1. Look for a better paying job.
  2. Negotiate a higher salary.
  3. Get a second full-time job.
  4. Get a part-time job.
  5. Start a business.
  6. Rent extra space in your home on Airbnb.
  7. Reduce your housing costs.
  8. Get rid of your car note.
  9. Write 10 short books on areas of expertise.
  10. Stop eating out.
  11. Take a break from your journey for a temporary stay.
  12. Delay having children.
  13. Create a partnership with someone else and take advantage of their skills.
  14. Create five courses on your main areas of expertise.
  15. Decrease your monthly expenses (i.e. subscriptions, recreational activities, groceries, utility bills, education, shopping, etc.).
  16. Provide individual or group coaching in your top five areas of expertise.
  17. Learn how to invest or trade.
  18. Rent items you own (i.e. car, boat, trailer, motorcycle, house, etc.).
  19. Organize garage sales every month to sell your belongings and those that your friends and family no longer want.
  20. Create a product (digital or physical) that you can sell on marketplaces.
  21. Allow your animals to be used as therapy pets.

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