19 tips to become a salary negotiation champion

Did you shine so bright in your last interview that you were offered a job offer? It’s time to negotiate! Use the 19 tips below to negotiate your compensation package from the start!

A raise in your salary is sure to spice up your approach and bring you some satisfaction, so negotiate for your long-term success, but negotiate only after you have an offer.

If you feel unfairly compensated, it may lead to a quiet shutdown, and it may not help you advance in your career.

If you are asked about your former salary, it is illegal for employers to ask in some cities or states, so know the law in your area. Your old positions have nothing to do with your future attacking position, so past wages and future wages are unrelated.

To create a spirit of abundance and success to thrive. Know your own worth and ignore your inner saboteur who creeps in with thoughts of self-doubt and is pushy to ask for more, especially if the position is right for you.

When you know your worth, you may also realize that you might even have to give up an offer it’s too low. Sometimes stepping away is necessary and can lead you to an even better opportunity. It happened to me, and I’m grateful that I learned to say NO!

Be aware that you may have some bargaining power, but be sure to converse with a human who is the ultimate decision maker and do not make your requests by email. Some companies are actually looking for employees with good negotiation skills, so live up to their expectations and show them your negotiating skills.

Two-way communication will allow you to better understand the other person. The conversation needs to be collaborative and you need to be sure not to over-emphasize the “must-haves” so the offer can be undone.

There may, however, be instances where the job offer is non-negotiable, especially if it is an entry-level position and multiple people are being hired simultaneously at the same rate.

What’s really ideal is when a company lists the salary in the job posting. You wouldn’t apply for the job in the first place if you weren’t interested in the salary. Unfortunately, most companies lack this transparency.

Do your homework to find the salary ranges in your area for your job title – check salary websites like Salary.com, Payscale.com and Glassdoor.com. However, there are many other industry-specific sites, and you can get a full list and many other benefits by being a member of Great Careers Groups & BENG.

Practice, practice, practice be confident in what you are going to say and how. In other words, having a strategy for negotiating salary before negotiating other benefits. Read last week’s article on Your compensation package is more than just a salary.

If you are asked for a number first, postpone this discussion on salary as far as possible so that the employer publishes the first digit or the first range.

Remember, you do not have to give an immediate response to accept or decline an offer. You can request time to review and analyze all aspects of the compensation program.

remember that silence can be golden. Silence can cause some awkwardness, but try it as a tactic.

If you are lucky, several offers can arrive simultaneously and you can leverage your bargaining power even more with multiple offers. The the goal is to have a win-win package for yourself and the employer.

Maintain a positive attitude, show confidence, determine your wants and needs, and use a straight face when necessary!


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