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Airmen retiring from military service no longer have to wait 180 days to accept a federal civilian position within an air logistics complex thanks to a recent temporary authority enacted to help fill jobs lacking potential applicants.

This authority applies to GS-13 and below employment at base industrial facilities that are part of the Army’s core logistics capabilities, which includes air logistics complexes.

“One of the challenges our depots struggle with is competition with the commercial sector for available talent,” said Sarah Walker, Human Resources Specialist, AFSC Personnel Branch. “This waiting period has put us at a disadvantage.” Retirees interested in federal service are not always willing to wait six months before finding another job. They often contribute their skills to other companies before becoming eligible to work for the DOD.

“As some of our experienced civilians retire, we lose that knowledge and expertise and bring in entry-level experience. Hiring veterans with their experience saves on training, creates a more balanced workforce, and provides workers who often already have a security clearance. »

Active duty members can now apply for these positions even before their official retirement date and be appointed while still on terminal leave, before being terminated or released from active duty.

“It’s a way for them to continue their mission to support the Air Force and the United States and apply their skills in an environment they already know,” said Michele Robertson, chief of Staff Training and Strategic Planning Branch, AFSC Directorate. of staff.

Currently, more candidates are needed to fill positions at the three air logistics complexes in Utah, Oklahoma and Georgia. Some critical pay grade positions needed are electronics mechanics, aircraft electricians, machinists, non-destructive testing workers, sheet metal mechanics, aircraft ammunition systems mechanics, aircraft mechanics, aircraft engine mechanics, etc.

Non-veterans are always welcome to apply. “We always need entry-level skills and people who can provide new insights into how to solve problems,” Walker said. “All of these different experiences combine to create a diverse workforce.”

The authority is temporary, but AFSC civilian staff team officials hope it will become permanent.

To submit your resume for consideration for federal civilian employment, please send it to the following email addresses:

For positions in the Ogden Air Logistics Complex at Hill Air Force Base, email oo-alc.obm.workflow@us.af.mil
For positions in the Warner Robins Air Logistics Complex at Robins Air Force Base, email WRALC.Recruitment@us.af.mil
For positions in the Oklahoma City Air Logistics Complex at Tinker Air Force Base, email OCALC.OBM.ResumeManagement@us.af.mil

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