18 people arrested in part-time jobs, fake investment scam

Mumbai: Cyber ​​Crime Police (North) have arrested at least 18 people in connection with an online fraud where they scammed people on behalf of online part-time jobs and offered fake investment offers. According to the police, the accused siphoned off Rs. 34.14 lakhs through this scheme.

The case resurfaced when a retired BMC engineer approached police to alert them to an alleged scam he had fallen prey to. According to his statement, he was approached on behalf of an “easy” part-time job that will earn him an incredible amount of money in return. He also received documents with legal authentication from the Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs (IICA), a government-approved body, via WhatsApp.

According to the police, the defendants had created fake bank accounts to which they asked the victims to transfer money. During the technical investigation, these fake bank accounts were found in Bhayandar and Mira Road area. While pursuing the trail, the police discovered the existence of one of the defendants who was one of several who created such fake bank accounts, located in the Dadar region.

After arresting one, the police discovered that there was a chain of people involved in this racket, spread across the country. A total of 18 people were later found and arrested by the police. A total of 17 bank check books were recovered from the accused, along with passbooks, ATM cards and debit cards, registered under different names. 53 mobile phones, 115 SIM cards and 47 rubber stamps were also seized from the accused. They even found people’s Aadhar cards and several travel permits under the victims’ names.

During his interrogation, the defendant revealed that he approached people via Telegram and WhatsApp and pretended to be staff of Amazon, Flipcart, Snapdeal, etc., and offered people part-time online jobs. The victims in the case include young people, old people, etc.

Police are warning citizens not to receive such fake calls or schemes via social media or phone calls and to contact police immediately if they come across such suspicious activities via www.cybercrime.gov.in where people can file official complaints online. Or contact the 1930 helpline number where police officers will assist victims with the procedure.

A case was filed against the 18 defendants under Sections 419 (punishment for cheating by impersonation), 420 (deception), 467 (falsification of securities, wills, documents), 468 (falsification for the purpose of cheating) , 479 (proprietary mark), among others of the Indian Penal Code and relevant sections of the Information Technology Act.

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