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15 growing jobs for older workers

If you’re looking to set the wheels in motion in a second career, you might want to consider getting behind the wheel. Whether driving for a shuttle service, school district or public transit system, there will be a boom in demand for bus drivers over the next eight years, according to the Bureau of Labor. United States Statistics.

This is good news for older people, as these are also the jobs that typically employ many people aged 50 and over. In fact, a quick look at 2021 BLS data reveals 15 careers expected to increase hiring by 2030 where the median age of workers last year was over 50.

The following list ranks the careers by which occupations are expected to experience the greatest growth in hiring over the next eight years. In cases where there was a link in job growth, the highest ranked job was the one with the highest median age.

1. Drivers and shuttle drivers

Median age: 56.2

Median hourly wage: $14.42

Job growth outlook in 2030: 15% increase

The BLS puts this job in its “Bright Outlook” category, which means it’s one of the areas where the agency expects to see a lot of hiring for the rest of this decade. For older people, who often have decades of driving experience and are familiar with traffic and shortcuts to their city’s roads, working as a driver is a natural choice. Flexible hours are also attractive.

2. School bus drivers

Median age: 55.6

Median hourly wage: $18.23

Job growth outlook in 2030: 15% increase

This job has long been a popular option for older workers. That’s partly because the schedule — typically a few hours in the morning, then a few hours again in the afternoon — favors reliable workers who only want part-time work. But many of these drivers also enjoy the fulfillment they get from helping children learn and grow.

3. City bus drivers

Median age: 53.3 years

Median hourly wage: $23.37

Job growth outlook in 2030: 15% increase

Higher pay, full-time hours, and the ability to work weekends and other shifts are the big differences to driving a bus for public transportation versus a school district. The other difference, of course, is the age of the passengers, which can make riding a city bus more or less difficult, depending on your preference.

4. The brigadiers

Median age: 57.6

Median hourly wage: $15.12

Job growth outlook in 2030: 13% increase

It’s the job on this list with the highest median age. Since many of these employees work at busy intersections near schools, the role often offers hours like those of a school bus driver. This means that you will have flexibility at noon.

5. Laundries and dry cleaners

Median age: 50.4

Median hourly wage: $13.63

Job growth outlook in 2030: 12% increase

Many workers in this field have lost their jobs during the pandemic because when people started working remotely, demand for freshly pressed office clothes plummeted. Now, with more workers returning to offices, these companies should be hiring soon.

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