12 South King County organizations will receive $2.5 million to support a fair economic recovery

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Supporting an equitable recovery in our communities and helping to recruit a new generation of workers into port-related industries, the Port of Seattle today announced the 12 organizations that will receive $2.5 million in grants through the program. economic stimulus from the South King County Community Impact Fund. The 12 organizations in the communities surrounding Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA) will each receive $250,000 in funding for projects that drive economic recovery in the communities hardest hit by COVID-19, through education and job search assistance, skills-based learning, pre-apprenticeship programs in port-related industries, habitat restoration and green jobs programs at port habitat sites.

“This funding supports projects that effectively and intentionally create jobs and work opportunities where they are needed most,” said Commissioner Hamdi Mohamed. “We are excited to introduce a new generation of workers to careers related to aviation, shipping, construction and green jobs that offer good wages and benefits. »

With ties to all of Washington’s key economic sectors and ties to more than 500 employers operating at our facilities, the Port is uniquely positioned to help lead an equitable recovery. Investments in workforce development are particularly important now, as many port-related industries continue to experience staff shortages. The port awards contracts to organizations serving communities most affected by the current economic crisis for projects related to port-related industries, including aviation, maritime, construction trades and green careers.

The port has committed to investing $10 million in the South King County Community Impact Fund (SKCCIF) between 2020 and 2024, with $1.5 million available for 2021.

Multi-year funding key to success

For its second year of funding, the port worked to break down barriers that prevented community-led projects from achieving their goals. Based on community feedback that short-term grants made it difficult to invest in long-term planning and implementation, the port offered multi-year awards. All 12 recipients received multi-year funding — 10 organizations will receive three-year funding and two organizations will receive two-year funding.

“Multi-year investments in community organizations create an opportunity to build on good ideas designed by the community, to meet the community’s most pressing needs,” said Bookda Gheisar, senior port director at the Office of the equity, diversity and inclusion. . “The $250,000 investment in each of South King County’s 12 nonprofits reflects the Port’s commitment to a skilled and well-prepared workforce that includes communities of color.”

Returning recipient El Centro de la Raza will provide outreach services to Latinos in South King County communities on pre-apprenticeship programs through his Federal Way office.

El Centro’s youth services department, workforce development programs, and comprehensive global services create an opportunity for a strong partnership by providing comprehensive and culturally relevant outreach for port-related jobs.

“Latina/os continues to be one of the fastest growing demographics, keeping the workforce young and growing. El Centro De La Raza has always been rooted in the community, giving us the confidence necessary to provide opportunities that uplift and empower our people within the diverse industries provided by the Port of Seattle.We are proud to serve as a liaison and connect Latina/os to career opportunities that will generate a positive impact throughout the county de King,” said Estela Ortega, executive director of El Centro de la Raza.

Returning recipient African Community Housing & Development will use port funding to continue its pilot program to provide training and job search assistance in port-related industries.

“We thank the Port of Seattle for this multi-year funding. We are building our programs to have profound, positive effects for years to come. We believe in consistency and appreciate that Port of Seattle funding meets our This consistency in funding is critical to the development of our workforce and will allow us to build a more meaningful and impactful program,” said Hamdi Abdulle, Executive Director, African Community Housing & Development.

12 new and old recipients

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African Community Housing & Development is supporting African Diaspora immigrant communities in South King County with a pilot program to provide education and job application assistance in port-related technical industries such as construction and aviation.

Businesses Ending Slavery and Trafficking (BEST) serves survivors of human trafficking and at-risk youth living in communities near Burien Airport, Des Moines, Federal Way, Normandy Park, SeaTac and Tukwila. This project promotes economic recovery in South King County by providing job readiness training, supporting employers in port-related industries, and creating paid internships and employment opportunities for survivors of the human trafficking and youth at risk in port-related industries.

CARES of Washington helps people with disabilities and low incomes realize their purpose, potential, and strength. The Connect for Success Project helps BIPOC communities living around Port of Seattle facilities participate in and succeed in pre-apprenticeship programs in port-related industries such as construction, green industries, manufacturing, and aerospace.

El Centro de la Raza provides outreach, education and referral services for Latinos and other multicultural program participants to relevant pre-apprenticeship programs in port industries such as construction trades to gain employment permanent. This project focuses on the communities surrounding the new Federal Way office.

Partner in Employment provides economic security and mentorship to newly arrived refugees and immigrants in South King County. This project has two tracks, one that offers support services to immigrant job seekers affected by COVID-19 in the aviation industry, and the other that continues the green jobs training program for young people launched in the summer of 2020 as part of the port’s opportunity motion.

Washington Maritime Blue operates the Maritime Youth Accelerator Project, which aims to provide culturally relevant skills-based learning to prepare youth for gainful employment in the Maritimes. The project is specifically designed for youth of color and youth of opportunity from underserved communities, who have an interest in learning about the maritime sector and designing/developing an entrepreneurial project.


Aerospace Joint Apprenticeship Committees (AIAC) Manufacturing Academy is an aviation and marine-focused pre-apprenticeship program for residents of South King County. It is offered free of charge to participants and provides a solid foundational career path in aerospace and advanced manufacturing. The program offers college credit and the opportunity to earn industry-recognized certificates of completion.

Key Tech Labs will prepare participants to obtain quality employment in green jobs through a hybrid learning environment. Through the in-person portion of the program, participants will work directly with sub-partner Dynamic Waters LLC, to learn about stormwater management and the installation of gutter systems. Another sub-partner, Yes Farm, will train participants in invasive plant removal and urban gardening. Participants will build greenhouses with Garden of Eden Urban Farming and gain hands-on experience in maintaining, installing and servicing solar panels with KB Electric and green building projects with Henry’s Landing LLC.

Latino Civic Alliance Building Future Industry Leaders (BFIL) is an apprenticeship program focused on different trades (marine technology (technicians), software development (related to maritime digitization), carpenters to include LEED certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental design) and Transport CDL Training School.BFIL will partner with contractors, unions and employers to ensure that students graduating from the program will meet industry skill standards.

Neighborhood House Aviation Technology Career Pathways The Upskill/Backfill project model consists of career paths in aviation technology and manufacturing through partnerships with training providers and employers. The goal is to connect job seekers with career paths that lead to career advancement and salary progression in the aviation industry.

The Evergreen (Seattle) Goodwill Project supports youth facing barriers who want to explore aerospace and green careers and helps prepare them for further education or careers. Students participate in the Youth Aerospace Program in South King County (YAP South), which builds confidence, social skills, and knowledge of the aerospace sector among students while providing invaluable social capital, professional networks, and work experience. paid work in the aerospace sector. .

World Relief Seattle works to boost the local economy by creating clear pathways for refugees and immigrants out of poverty and entry-level jobs into high-skilled, better-paying jobs at SEA. The partner will achieve this through comprehensive, work-related employment services and partnerships with existing SEA employers who offer higher paying jobs ($18-$19+ per hour).

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About the South King County Community Impact Fund

The Port of Seattle established the South King County Community Impact Fund in 2019 to develop equity-based partnerships and provide resources and support to historically underserved communities near the airport. The fund initially addressed airport noise, environmental health and sustainability. In response to the devastating impact of COVID-19, the Harbor Commission has added economic development as an additional focus of the South King County Fund.

Stay tuned for the next round of funding which will be launched on September 15th. You can register for one of the next two virtual pre-application workshops now:

Learn more about the South King County Fund Economic Stimulus Grants.


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