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10 Best Data Center Certifications in 2022

Data center certifications are in demand in the technology industry.

The training is designed to fill skill gaps and prepare engineers, managers and operations specialists for industry. For example, a professional with six certifications, such as a specialized technology field, earns an average of $13,000 more per year than their counterparts, according to GlobalKnowledge.

Here are the top 10 certifications IT professionals should consider to advance their skills in data center technologies:

1. Data Center Certified Associates (DCCA)

Schneider Electric offers the Data Center Certified Associates (DCCA) certification for entry-level engineers seeking to understand data center design and management.

Acquired skills : Candidates will gain an understanding of data center operations, data tiers, cooling, cabling, security, power supply, and fire suppression system.

Preconditions: No prior experience is required.

Location: The DCCA certification can be completed at home or at the office.

Cost: $250

2. Certified Data Center Design Professional (CDCDP®)

CNet, based in the United Kingdom, offers a five-day data center professional certification Understand the center’s physical infrastructure, operating procedure, distribution systems, cabling and structural support systems. The course includes all the necessary steps, including getting started, ordering and designing, studying business decisions and driving the implementation phases.

Acquired skills : Candidates will receive hands-on experience with data center stack, project development, identifying national and international standards, availability patterns, structural requirements, cabinet design, power systems , regulations, connection topologies, compliance requirements, cable management, seismic stability considerations, power estimation. requirements, psychrometric chart review, bypass and recirculation, grounding, grounding, IT requirements strategy, virtualization, optimal testing, local code regulations, and cable protection.

Preconditions: Two years of experience in a data center environment as a support, technical or operations staff is required.

Location: Certification is taken online, supported by a pre-class curriculum and personalized tutoring experience.

Cost: $5,750

3. Data Center Practitioner (DCP)

The Instructor-led DCP covers fundamental data center management practices with a particular focus on sustainability and energy efficiency. Certification also comes with a digital badge and a two-year expiration date.

Acquired skills : Candidates will gain hands-on experience with data center history, networking, cooling system basics, power system, server densities, construction and project management, energy consumption, critical load, virtualization, utility, carbon, emergency trips, cooling requirements, cogeneration, utility, emissions and energy optimization .

Preconditions: No prerequisites are required.

Location: Certification is taken online within 42 hours.

Cost: $3,590

4. Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Data Center

Cisco is an industry leader in data center networking and offers certifications in beginner, intermediate, and expert categories. The CCNA Data Center Certification is ideal for professionals with between one and three years of experience. Cisco’s certificate is valid for three years and requires subsequent rectification with either an associate’s exam or the Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) exam.

Acquired skills : Candidates will gain an understanding of basic data center networking, troubleshooting, addressing schemes, switch configuration, VLANs, Nexus OS, common network services, virtualization network and servers, load balancing, storage and network access controls.

Preconditions: There are no prerequisites; however, Cisco recommends that users take the Cisco Data Center Networking and Technologies course.

Location: Both classroom and online modes are available.

Cost: The classroom course lasts five days and costs around $4,500. Pearson VUE is running two online proctored exams after the in-class course, each 90 minutes long, for a total of $600.

5. Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD)

The BICSIs Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD) certification is highly sought after in telecom data centers.

Acquired skills : Candidates will gain skills in the design, integration, implementation, project management, and construction of physical infrastructure for data centers.

Preconditions: Two years of experience in the telecommunications industry is required before taking the course.

Location: Pearson VUE organizes proctored exams in specific areas.

Cost: $495

6. Juniper Networks Certified Professional Data Center (JNCIP-DC)

Juniper Networks is a leader in networking and offers certifications in data centers, enterprise routing, switching, and lane changing. Accreditation requires revalidation every three years, and candidates can take the JNCIP-DC examination to obtain the certificate again.

Acquired skills : Candidates will gain an understanding of data center deployment, multi-chassis Link Aggregation Group (LAG) implementation, Internet Protocol (IP) framework, virtual chassis, virtual stretch LANs (VXLAN) and data center interconnects.

Preconditions: Applicants are required to pass the Juniper Networks Certified Enterprise Routing and Switching Specialist certification before applying for the data center course. Juniper also recommends taking the Advanced Data Center Switching course first.

Location: Certification is taken online, administered by Pearson VUE. The exam lasts 120 minutes and requires candidates to answer 65 multiple-choice questions.

Cost: Certification costs between $2,500 and $4,750, depending on the course location.

7. VCE Converged Infrastructure Administration Engineer (VCE-CIA)

The VCE-CIA The offering is from Dell Technologies, which manages and designs Vblock systems. The company offers courses at all levels, foundation, intermediate, and masters, and offers a four-hour foundation course to cover data center basics. The course lasts for two years and candidates can take the VCE-CIA exam to obtain the certificate again.

Acquired skills : Candidates will learn system concepts, security, administration, resource management, troubleshooting, and center maintenance.

Preconditions: Candidates must pass the VCE Certified Converged Infrastructure Associate (VCE-CIA) certification before applying for the Data Center course.

Location: The VCE-CIA is an instructor-led offline classroom program. The exam asks candidates to answer 60 multiple-choice questions in 90 minutes.

Cost: $200

8. VMware Certified Professional 6 — Data Center Virtualization (VCP6-DCV)

To date, VMware has offered more than 16 data center certifications to more than 100,000 professionals. The VCP6-CVD The certification bridges the gap between cloud management and traditional data center networking.

VMware also offers other similar professional training courses: VMware Certified Advanced Professional 6.5, Data Center Virtualization Design (VCAP6.5-DCV Design) and VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX6-DCV).

Acquired skills : Candidates will gain skills in Domain Name System (DNS), deployment and scaling of vSphere environments, routing techniques, storage foundations, and database connectivity.

Preconditions: Applicants should have six months of working experience with VMware vSphere 6.

Location: Certification is taken online, monitored by Pearson VUE. Exams range from 105 to 120 minutes and contain 65 to 85 questions.

Cost: Depending on the exam taken, the fees are as follows:

  • $125 for the vSphere Foundations exam
  • $250 for VMware Certified Professional Exam 6, Data Center Virtualization

VMware training ranges between $4,125 and $6,000, depending on location and course specialization. The VMware Learning Zone offers preparation courses for certificate candidates.

9. Certified Data Center Expert (CDEC®)

EXIN Accredited CEDC is ideal for IT managers and data center professionals involved in building and relocating critical infrastructure and data centers. The CDCE exam consists of two parts: Part I is a closed-book exam, while Part II asks candidates to answer 25 open-ended questions in 1.5 hours.

Acquired skills : Candidates will gain skills in choosing optimal centers, describing components, design life cycle stages, business resiliency, site selection, technical level design, reading one-line diagrams (SLD), evaluation of product data sheets, correlation of equipment specifications, floor load capacity, maintenance requirements. , developing Individual Equipment Tests (IETs), checklists for critical data center installations, and retirement plans.

Preconditions: Participants are required to pass the CDCS certificate before registering for the expert level certification.

Location: Classroom lessons are led by an PPE instructor with a 60% practical component. Virtual ILTs are also available.

Cost: The cost varies depending on the service provider.

10. Certified Data Center Sustainability Professional (CDCSP)

CNet Certified Data Center Sustainability Professional is an intensive 20-hour training program to understand sustainability and energy from a professional perspective.

Acquired skills : Candidates will learn sustainability best practices, CSR in data centers, data center performance KPIs, understanding business needs, operational risks, creating a sustainability philosophy, business cases utilization, power source monitoring, infrastructure, cooling capabilities, durability upgrades and maintenance strategies, sustainability and business planning.

Preconditions: Two years of experience working in centers as an operations manager, designer or sustainability engineer is required.

Location: In-person and online courses are available.

Cost: $6,990

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