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10 Best Characters Who Don’t Work For Dunder-Mifflin

John Krasinski may find success in movies like A silent placebut he says that Office taught him everything he knows. The show will go down in history as a seminal work in the workplace comedy genre. Its mockumentary style has become almost the norm for such shows, and it continues to be one of the most streamed shows available anywhere.

No office could function without its employees, and Dunder-Mifflin workers are a special group. Along those same lines, no show could function without its supporting cast, and the non-Dunder-Mifflin characters provide some of the show’s strengths.


Billy Merchant

Billy owns the business park and is therefore subject to frequent run-ins with Michael in particular. In season seven, he sells the building to Dwight, much to the dismay of the other Dunder-Mifflin employees.

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Michael’s ignorance of Billy’s use of a wheelchair is used by the writers to land Michael on an ankle, which he so often needs. Despite this, Billy does Michael a favor by cheaply renting him the utility closet under Dunder-Mifflin when he starts the Michael Scott Paper Company. It seems like a small act, but the low rent gives Michael the chance to undermine Dunder-Mifflin and get back to his old job.

Hank Tate

Hank is the security guard at Scranton Business Park, and he is one of many characters in Office who can’t take a break. He is often annoyed by the employees of Dunder-Mifflin, who don’t even remember to tip him on Christmas thanks to Jim.

Hank is a bit of an enigma, a private man about whom little is revealed on the show. He shows off his singing skills in the episode “Crime Aid” and clearly lives quite a distance from the office, considering how long it takes him to get there in “Night Out.” Actor Hugh Dane makes the most of his limited appearances, expressing with a joke or just a look how he’s done with Michael, Andy or Dwight.

Chile’s manager

Chile manager complains to The Office camera crew

In the first episode of the second season, Michael summons his employees to a Chili’s for the annual Dundees awards. When Pam gets too drunk and falls off a stool, an annoyed manager tells the documentary crew that she’s no longer welcome on the channel.

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The amount of sass, combined with an impeccably timed click of the tongue into that talking head, turned this unique joke into one of the funniest moments on the show. Although the character never had a name, he was forever in the minds of fans. The role was played by actor Christopher T. Wood, who was never (contrary to rumor) an actual Chili employee.

The princely family

Michael and Dwight talk to the Prince family in The Office

Owners of a small rival paper mill near Dunder-Mifflin, the Prince family are visited by Michael and Dwight as part of a company fact-finding mission. Devastated when Dunder-Mifflin steals all of their customers, they are forced to close after forty years.

Prince Paper is a true family business, and the writers go out of their way to show audiences how friendly and accommodating they are. They inspire Michael to try to be better, and it indeed shows in his reluctance to destroy them. The incident demonstrates Michael’s growth as a person and how he has principles that are more important to him than the job he loves.

Mose Schrute


Schrute Farms would be in dire straits without Mose to tend beets full time. Dwight’s thick-bearded cousin is a strange man, though to the Schrute family he barely stands out.

Writer Michael Schur hated playing Mose, which meant that once his fellow writers found out about him, they would slot him into episodes whenever they could. The audience is the beneficiary, as Mose receives some of the show’s most wacky and hysterical bits. It also gives context to Dwight’s weirdness, showing fans that while Dwight can be really eccentric, it could be so much worse.

carol stills

Michael’s real estate agent-turned-girlfriend Carol tries to date Michael as seriously as anyone. After he proposes their ninth date, however, she wisely decides to part ways with him.

Michael often states on the show how badly he wants a family, and Carol gives viewers their first chance to see what he looks like when he might get the chance to pursue that goal. It’s a disaster, but it nevertheless answers the important question of what Michael looks like in a relationship.


Derrick is one of a class full of kids who Michael promises full tuition if they graduate from high school. After Michael apologizes, Derrick confronts him, forcing Michael to pledge to at least pay for his textbooks.

In the scariest episode of Office, there are very few saving graces for Michael, who did an objectively terrible thing. That’s why his scene at the end with Derrick is so important: it drops the squeaky comedy and allows both characters to have a real moment. Derrick takes Michael to task, but also gives him a much-needed outing.


Vikram, the top salesperson in the call center for diet pill sales, Michael takes a part-time job. He is quiet and reserved, and also clearly the smartest person in most rooms, leading Michael to plan to recruit him for his new company when he leaves Dunder-Mifflin.

“Trust is the food of the wise and the liquor of the fool,” Vikram intones as he waits in the backseat of Michael’s car. Vikram has Michael totally grounded, which wisely leads him to quickly drop out of the Michael Scott Paper Company. Vikram’s reluctance and wisdom are the perfect foil for Michael’s unbridled and often unfounded enthusiasm.


Elizabeth talks to Michael in The Office

Elizabeth is one of Scranton’s top exotic dancers, hired for several office events. Her dancing skills are impeccable, although her ability to answer the phone in bookkeeping leaves something to be desired.

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Elizabeth is kind and shrewd, and the writers avoid using stereotypical sex worker tropes to portray her. When Michael feels guilty that she danced on him, she encourages him to be honest with Jan about the encounter. She gives Michael a relationship skill that he carries for the rest of the series, though he is often honest with his future girlfriends.

Bob Vance

Phyllis' marriage to Bob Vance The Office.

Bob Vance of Vance Refrigeration occupies another of the Scranton Business Park offices. He marries Phyllis in season two and doesn’t bother to hide his disdain for Michael.

Michael is terrified of Bob, which often allows Phyllis to have long lunches or even a six-week honeymoon after her wedding. This makes Bob useful, but what makes him so endearing is the genuine love and affection he has for Phyllis. Whether or not the couple can hold back in restaurant bathrooms, they are perfect for each other.

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