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10 Anime Characters Who Are Good With Money

In the world of anime, characters can have all kinds of lifestyles and personalities that they express in their daily lives, from juvenile punks and troublemakers to highly responsible adults and everything in between. In fact, a lot can be revealed about a person based on how they manage their money, from their recreational spending to their credit scores and why they take out loans.

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In general, a reckless spender prefers adventure and fun to long-term planning, and a smart or greedy spender is usually responsible and mature. Or, a miserly spender simply never had a lot of money, and they learned good spending habits out of necessity. Either way, some anime characters stand out for their financial literacy.

ten Misaki Ayuzawa Cares Every Yen (Maid-Sama!)

Misaki Ayuzawa is one of many financially educated anime characters who has sheer poverty to motivate her good spending habits. Money is tight for the Ayuzawas, so to keep things together, Misaki works part-time at a maid’s cafe, and she won’t dare to spend money unless she really has to.

So Misaki sees everything in terms of yen, saved vs. spent, and that guides most of her decisions. She might splurge for Takumi’s or her little sister’s birthdays, but otherwise she watches her wallet like a hawk.

9 Nasa Yuzaki is self-sufficient (TONIKAWA: Over The Moon For You)

Slice-of-life protagonist Nasa Yuzaki has always been smart with money, though he’s not particularly stingy about it. Since childhood, he has been determined to prove himself and reach for the stars to live up to his NASA-like name. He cannot take off by being irresponsible.

So NASA has always been serious and disciplined about school work, money and running a household, and it has paid off. He easily became independent of his parents in his late teens, meaning he formed a perfectly stable and financially capable household for his new wife, Tsukasa.

8 Ochaco Uraraka keeps his money in check (My Hero Academia)

Ochaco Uraraka, AKA Uravity, is another poor anime character who learned the value of money by never having much. Unlike his wealthy classmate Momo Yaoyorozu, Ochaco comes from a family where every yen counts and his parents can’t always find work.

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So, Ochaco is smart about money and mature about it beyond her years. She never splurges or wastes money, and she plans to send all her paychecks as a pro to her parents to thank them for all they’ve done for her. Izuku and Tenya were impressed when Ochaco explained this to them.

seven Griffith manages the finances of an army (Berserk)

For years, the scheming Knight Commander Griffith has juggled the many logistics of managing a mercenary army, and that includes finances. It costs a lot of money to lead a band of mercenaries this size, and as Casca once explained to Guts, Griffith did everything he could to fund the Band of the Hawk.

We don’t see much of that, but it’s pretty easy to deduce. Griffith had to spend many hours carefully accounting for the band’s finances to enable it to grow, and he obviously avoided any stupid mistakes that would have ruined the hawk band as well.

6 Nadeshiko Kagamihara patiently saved his money (casual camp)

Relaxed camp is a charming Seinen animated series whose main characters are high school girls who like to go camping. However, they have to finance this hobby themselves, so Nadeshiko and his friends quickly realized the money.

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Nadeshiko got a part-time job and patiently saved all her money for the perfect camping gear, even though it was expensive. It paid off immediately and Nadeshiko was quite proud of herself. If she needs a bigger tent or a better sleeping bag, she could save up for that too.

5 Miss Kobayashi gives financial advice to her friends (Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid)

Miss Kobayashi works as a programmer at her company rather than a financial advisor, but even so, she’s quite good at money. For starters, it’s implied that Kobayashi has a grip on her own financial life, and she’s never seen falling behind on rent or utilities. She never complains about being broke either.

Kobayashi also gives sound financial advice to her dragon friends, including Elma, and she discourages reckless spending. She helped Elma in particular get a good understanding of how finances work, making Elma a reverse isekai character with financial skills.

4 Naofumi Iwatani saves his money (The Rising Of The Shield Hero)

Money is not a common topic in The Rise of the Shield Hero. Naofumu won’t save the world with a good credit score, but even so, he had to be careful with his money in the early episodes when he lacked support from the royal court of the Kingdom of Melromarc.

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At this time, Naofumi had to support himself, which meant spending his money wisely and demanding payment from absolutely everyone he saved. It worked and Naofumi was in good shape by the time Queen Mirellia Melromarc started supporting him.

3 Tohru Honda earns its own paychecks (fruit basket)

Tohru Honda, the shojo heroine, looks a lot like Ochaco and Misaki. That is, she doesn’t have a lot of money, so she appreciates what little she has, and she knows not to spend her money recklessly on things she doesn’t have. not really needed. His mother would be proud.

Tohru works after school to support herself, just like Misaki, and she is determined to support herself now and for many years to come, no matter how hard it gets. The loss of her parents made Tohru wise and responsible beyond her years.

2 Futaro Uesugi watches his spending (The quintuplets par excellence)

Futaro Uesugi is the official guardian of the five Nakano sisters, and he has been promised serious money for all his hard work. Futaro’s family is humble, so he has since learned to be smart and careful with his money. Misaki and Tohru would understand.

Futaro is a naturally cautious, detail-oriented, level-headed boy who can still get the job done. Even though he didn’t grow up in borderline poverty, he would still be pretty good with money, and it helps that he has a solid understanding of math.

1 Miyuki Shirogane doesn’t take money for granted (Kaguya-Sama)

Miyuki Shirogane is the student council president of Shuchiin Academy, and he got there through hard work, not being born into money. This is what sets him apart from his lover Kaguya Shinomiya, although neither of them feels embarrassed about it. They don’t often discuss money.

Miyuki, much like Futaro, grew up with little, so he takes nothing for granted. Her father Papa only finds work here and there, so Miyuki often works to help out, and he won’t spend yen if he doesn’t need it. Unless Kaguya becomes her personal benefactor, Miyuki will continue this smart frugal lifestyle into the future.

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